I'm Joe Lander
A LEGACY COACH, dedicated to helping high-achieving, heart-driven professionals and executives identify, create and live their own unique and impactful legacy.

I'm Joe Lander
A LEGACY COACH, dedicated to helping high-achieving, heart-driven professionals and executives identify, create and live their own unique and impactful legacy.

My life didn't follow a straight line.

Since a young age, my family and friends knew me to be extremely understanding of what they were going through and insightful in being able to offer new perspectives that could help them successfully navigate a challenging situation or relationship. Everyone thought I’d become a therapist.

But, my life was not destined to follow some predictable, straight line from discovering my natural abilities to progressing to a professional career as a psychotherapist. Nope.

For the nearly 30 years that followed graduating college with a psychology degree, I experienced what seemed like a never-ending search for what it was that I was meant to do with my life in order to:

1. Help others in a meaningful way, while

2. Achieving financial abundance because of the value that I provide.

After a 30-year journey that included:

  • A Legal practice and partnership as a Labor & Employment Attorney
  • Serving as an HR Manager for 3 major divisions of a Fortune 500 global Aerospace company
  • Covering the Northeast region of the country as a United States Government Agency Attorney
  • Serving as a Private Wealth Advisor, Certified Financial Planner, and Financial Coach helping High Net Worth business owners and professionals manage just about $50MM in assets and plan for their future…

I came back to the roots of what I was always destined for and how I was meant to help others live their best lives.

You see, after much Pandemic-induced self-reflection, I realized it was time to stop focusing on financial coaching and investing; Instead, it was time to use all of my skills and experience (including over 30 years of studying and participating in various types of transformational personal development work) to help people break through obstacles, both internal and external, that were holding them back from creating a unique, personal legacy that allows them to fully live a life they were actually excited about and that makes a meaningful difference in the world now and for generations to come.

Through my life experiences and training, I developed the ability and understanding to be in any situation that might otherwise trigger me and notice that any anguish or negative feelings I had were coming from my thoughts ABOUT the situation, not the situation itself. In other words, I could clear out all the baggage I was bringing to the situation so that I could now start from a neutral “nothing” state and respond more effectively and powerfully in alignment with the outcomes I desired, not the emotional triggers that would otherwise control my life. And that ability is now a skill and strength I help build in others.

I love listening with curiosity to someone sharing about their dreams, hearing what their biggest challenges are in achieving those dreams, and then having a conversation to uncover the perspectives they have in place, which I view as puzzle pieces pointing to what may be stopping them from having what they want.

Many coaches have a good intuition or a process that at the very least has the appearance of being organized and well-thought-out. What’s unique about my process and relationship with those I work with is that it’s all designed to consistently and predictably facilitate breakthroughs so that they can then see immediate, meaningful results in their life.

The Resolve Framework

Our unique 12-week transformative journey is divided into 3 phases which empowers professionals and executives to identify, create and live their unique meaningful legacy without years of soul searching, reading tons of self-help books or expensive estate planning.:

Phase 1: Identify

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, guiding you to envision a remarkable future with unlimited possibilities.

Phase 2: Create

Define your significant vision, align with your core beliefs, resolve your inner conflict and develop a personal plan for unleashing your greatness.

Phase 3: Live
Overcome limitations and create a support structure that empowers you to embody confidence, resilience and ultimately to materialize your legacy vision.

Life-Changing Results Guaranteed

Here's what you can expect when you work with us…

  • Identify the legacy you are meant to create and live
  • Overcome the challenges that may have held you back in the past
  • A step-by-step plan of action to ensure your new legacy comes to life
  • A unique, meaningful legacy that makes you proud and fulfilled and so much more...

Get ready to have a breakthrough unlike anything you've experienced before and create a unique, meaning legacy that transcends time.

And if at the end of the RESOLVE coaching, your unique legacy has not become crystal clear,
we will continue working with you at no additional cost until it does!